Monday, July 28, 2008

On Hiatus!!

Taking a break for a while, getting my ducks in a row will catch ya'll on the B-Side until then you can still get some good music over at Crush Groove.

Peace and Blessing Good People!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Chirp, Chirp..

Today's post is something that my brother over at a A SPLASH OF CIRCUS had to talk about enjoy.

Chicken Head/Hood Rat! Names used to label the women of ghettos and section A housing that uses the government to their advantage. The first of the month brings out an assortment of these “hustla” women and let’s be honest. What would most brothas in world be without them? We think that only dudes who drug hustle and are from the same ghetto backgrounds deal with these women. Not so fast. Many of my fellow brothas have tasted the fruit punch nectar of a “Ghetto Bird”, even though some won’t admit it, but that’s living in vain. I feel it’s necessary to have this kind of relationship experience through ones life to really appreciate “The One”. It builds some incredible character for a person to deal with this type of vixen. You always have to make sure her temper will not get the best of your “other” relationships and that’s some serious work. However that’s the part of her that’s so appealing to men. Let’s kill the perception that they only exits in the “bad” areas, Chickens roam the Diddy parties, Tom Joyner Cruises, The Grammy’s, and even The White House. I’m not judging anyone, but putting the phrase in perspective. A Chicken Head/Hood Rat is a mentality not a situation. They’re looked down on, mostly by other women, because of society’s views on women who are promiscuous. We know that men who have the same social practices get the “players card”, but if you honestly go by the “values”, who’s right or wrong, good or bad. I feel the only time a women of this character are look upon negatively by men is when she tells all her business about her rendezvous. That’s the funny thing about brothas, it’s all good until the bones fall out. To all the sistas reading this there is one point I would like to make about us gentlemen. We love scandalous women. If you have a girlfriend that is a skank, she is some what appealing, and you’re always talking about the things she does when you all are out. Secretly your man is thinking, “Damn, she’s a freak. I bet she gets down on that D.” These chicks offer three things that make them so appealing and wanted. They love money, drugs/liquor, and love to GET IT!!! GET IT!!! In the past I have been afflicted with these same addictions, but lawd have mercy I’m glad those days are behind me, because my ass would be looking like Tyrone the Crack head, but I digress. So I’m speaking out to you, my lovely ladies of sexual prowess. Keep your mouth shut when it’s appropriate, fixed your dude a Cheese Sandwich, and get some of these…. CIRCUS PEANUTS!!!... I’m out!!!!
Some Cheesy Goodness !!!
Gerald Pervert - Saturday Night
Q-Tip - Getting Up
Ta'Raach - Baaaby
Hezekiah Feat. Jamal - Let's Get Involed
Maceo Parker - Soul Power 74
Young-Holt Unlimited - People Make The World Go Round
NiggyTardust - Tr(n)igger
Arthur Adams - I Can't Believe My Eyes

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Nose Candy Mix........ For the Partygoer in you!!!!!

"All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom" (c) N.E.R.D
What up world?? Just dropping a quick post of a mix I did the other night hope you guys enjoy
Tracklist :
Hollyweerd - Weerdo
9Inch Dix - Which One
John Legend Feat Dre 3000 - Green Light
Common - U.M.C
Pharrell Feat Nicole Scherzinger - Heartbeat
Mantronix - Got To Have Your Love
Rick James - Mary Jane ( Green Latern remix )
Marivn Gaye - I Want You ( Bling 47 Remix )
Sa - Ra - Deep Inside
Steve Spacek feat. Frank n Dank - Eve ( Dilla Remix )
Amerie - Crush
Teedra Moses - Be Your Girl ( Trackademiks Remix )
Lil Wayne - Dr. Carter
Little Brother - I Want You
Wale - Manipulation
Kidz N The Hall feat Pusha T, The Cool Kids, Bun B - Drivin Down the Block ( Remix )

Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer, Summer, Summer, TIME !!!!!!

Awww yes!!! There is nothing more better than going out and spotting the biggest ass connected to the prettiest face in the smallest pair of pants they could find. This let's me know the games have begun, this is not the season for finding Ms. Right it's about finding Ms. Rightnow. On the flip side I think I'm always looking for Ms. Rightnow as the Great Rick James says " Give It To Me Baby" but hey that's my nature. So I was watching this movie the other night called " I'm through with white girls " which is a good guy movie, I'm not going into any detail you'll have to check it out for yourself but it made me sit back and think about my present and past relationships and the conclusion I came up with was.......... I'm a farter! not the ones that you'll go whoops excuse me. I mean just a can of Mexican rice and beans and a glass of milk joint, I thought that after awhile we were at that comfort zone but I guess all that goes out the window once they pass out from one of my episodes. Damn I can't help it if I like greasy food and nachos with extra sour cream love me for me damnit! Haaaaa ya'll thought I was going to be all serious it's Friday and Ignorant Sh*T is in full effect. Yep! Yep! (Teddy Riley style). Enjoy your summer and most definitely the summer bunnies. I'm out til next time.

Some Summer Goodies

Caron Wheeler - I Adore You

John Legend Feat Andre 3000 - Green Light

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Remember The Times......

You remember back in the day when you used to play hide and go seek and it immediately turned into a little league humpfest. Remember when you could ride your bike to the store with like $2 you got a jungle juice, 2 packs of Now or Laters, candy bar and had money to play Double Dragon in the arcade ...Shout Out to Hop 'N. Remember playing Killer Man and it was always somebody who just picked the football up to just throw it before he got tackled. Remember how hype you used to be when G.I. Joe or Transformers was about to come. Remember how you felt when Optimus Prime died. Remember being glued to the TV when Rosi Perez used to shake her thang on Soul Train...My dad called her "The Jiggler". Remember going the dances and doing the Whop to every damn song. How about finding your dads Porn stash, the beginning of it all .....I still remember that Vanessa Williams Penthouse book. Or when your voice started to change and you be on the phone talking all smooth and low tone. Remember when you got that first stink finga and you'd be smelling that joint like all day, putting your fingers up to your boys face like guess who that is homie. Remember you finally got some and after 1 min of slam bam you felt like a champ. These might not be your memories but they are definitely mine so I encouraged everyone to just sit back and reminisce of easier times especially if your just sitting at work tired of looking at your computer screen or moving some stuff and you want to just get away. You never know you might find yourself laughing out loud. Good people I send you blessings and wish you much joy in your days.
God Bless !!!
El Michels Affair - Detroit Twice

Santana - Oye Como Va

Jackson Conti - Papaya
Grand Puba - Fat Rat

Kenna Feat Lupe Fiasco - Say Goodbye To Love (RMX)

Thursday, May 15, 2008


"A street savvy Al Green" UNLEASHED MAGAZINE

A mystery to most, Darondo records are high on the wants-lists of many collectors. He is spoken about in hushed-tones by other Bay Area musicians. Back in the day he was seen cruising around town in a white Rolls Royce (with a "Darondo" license plate). He opened-up for James Brown and lived a colorful lifestyle hanging with folks like the notorious Fillmore Slim. Take a listen to these tracks, released for the first time together on an album, and you may agree that he could have been the next Al Green or Sly Stone. But about 25 years ago Darondo disappeared. Releasing three singles in the early 1970s (as Darondo, Darondo Pulliam, or the miss-spelled Dorando) he mixed low-rider soul with blues and r'n'b. He delivered in a variety of styles from the socially-charged "Let My People Go" to the sexually-driven funk of "Legs". All three singles were recorded in the San Francisco Bay Area, and both sides of each of the singles are fantastic productions."You can hear a little bit of everything," says Darondo about his music style. "There's a little jazz and a little soul. They say if you Black you supposed to have soul. I got Latin flavor in me so there's some Latin in it. Definitely got the Blues in it. I sound kinda' country but I grew up in the Bay Area," he adds.But after the release of his three 45s Darondo stopped recording. “It was mostly me, just having a good time with a real good hobby,” he says. “It wasn’t about money but about having fun. Something I just liked to do. Maybe your dream is to be a James Brown or Frank Sinatra but those were just mostly dreams to me.” Outside of the music business Darondo was living life to the full, and it eventually caught up with him. “Folks would say ‘Daron got that dough…Daron Do…that’s how I got the name. I used to get my suits tailor made, one of a kind, like my rings. A player can’t have the same ring as someone else. Got my rings specially made with diamonds and stones. But in order to get yourself together you had to get away from all the fastness. I was driving around in a Rolls Royce, I was a fast young man," adds Darondo. Darondo now lives in Northern California with his wife and family and is delighted to hear his music is getting a second wind courtesy of DJs and collectors like the UK-based Gilles Peterson who recently picked "Didn't I" for his "Digs America" compilation. The six tracks from the three original singles are featured here, along with three previously unreleased songs that were recently discovered on a demo reel. The demo reel was sitting in a box of VHS copies of his cable TV shows which we had requested to use for images in the CD booklet. Recorded in the early 1970s, tracks from the demo reel were taken into a San Francisco studio in the summer of 2005 for enhancement. Darondo over-dubbed missing background vocals and guitar parts alongside up and coming San Francisco soul man Bing Ji Ling. Darondo warmed up quickly, he hasn’t lost his touch. After the session Darondo confessed that he was inspired to start playing again…so there is hope for a full-blown Darondo revival!......article taken from

A Couple Of My Favorite Tracks Of The album:

Didn't I

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Stank Butt Muxtape Vol. 1

What up world! So the Internet has been buzzing about this new website were you can upload mp3's and share them with your friends, family, significant others, mistresses, etc. I will have to say is awesome instead of putting together a CD or email songs to people just upload them to the website and send it on over, (why didn't I think of this). Anyway here is one of many joint I've put together I call this mix the "Stank Butt" why? you might ask "I have no idea" I'll answer but nether the less it is groovy summertime big breasted woman in the passenger seat see for yourself check the track listing:
1. Aurra - Are You Single
2. Waajeed - Funkin 4 Jamaica
3. J Dilla - Trucks
4. P.O.R.N feat Peedi Crakk - Rock Wit Me
5. NERD feat CRS & Pusta T - Everyone Nose ( Remix )
6. Kidz In The Hall feat. Donnis & Chip Tha Rippa - Mr. Alladatshit
7. The Cool Kids - Black Mags
8. NERD - Spazz
9. HEAVy feat Kay - Are You ( Remix )
10. Chromeo - Needy Girl
11. Teedra Moses - Be Your Girl ( Trackademicks Remix )
12. Outkast - Spottieottie ' Til Infinity ( Locsmif Remix )

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm A Creep !!!

Dinner for 2 ...$32.00
2 Tickets to see the newest chic flick..$ 16.50
Popcorn and 2 Drinks...$12.00.........Oh don't forget the Twizzlers (fuck!)...$3.00
A night of hot passionate monkey love for 20 min..... $63.50

All I'm saying is can I just give you that up front ladies, I just want to either see the top or the back of your head. I just meet you, I only got at you because I taking one for the team how did I end up seeing some movie with white people that I don't even know there names. " Serenity Now " while your tearing up over some guy telling this woman that she makes his life mean something more than he could ever imagine. I'm trying to figure out how limber you are so I could fold you like a pretzel and get the stink finger " stink finga, stink, stink finga ". I mean I just want to cut all of the other stuff out of the picture check it out. You want dinner and a movie I want a Blowjob and my balls fondled, so let's work something out I'm paying anyway how about I just hand you the money and we cut all the extras out. I don't really care about your week and what your girlfriend has to say about your life, let's gets down to business you can go and I'll enjoy a cheese and mayo sandwich. Haaaa!!

"When humor goes, there goes civilization"........Erma Bombeck

Flight Of The Conchords - Business Time

J Dilla - Creapin_Cheatin

Plantlife feat Jack Splash - Sun Shines Through Your Love

Johnson & Jonson - Look

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Sunday Social!!! Is back!!!

What's going on my good friends, It's been a long time the Sunday Social has been on the blog. So you know I have to bring that righteous cosmic funk to the table. So those of you who have been following the blog you already know what's about to take place and for the new good people here sit back and relax .... and enjoy!!

Al Green feat Anthony Hamilton - You Got The Love I Need Babe

Adriana Evans - Love Is All Around

Chaka Khan - Papillon aka ( Hot Butterfly )

The Dramatics - Hot Pants In The Summertime

Rebirth - The Journey In

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cotdamn That Mixtape Made My Day!!!!

What up! What up! people, ya boy is tired as hell today went to see The Roots for free last night at Duke Univ. I just want to say it was "bad ass" as usual if you haven't seen these guys live yet I suggest you do before you leave this small planet you won't be dissapointed at all. Also shout out to the little young thang that grab my penis while moving through the crowd with me standing beside my lady friend your awesome for that here's looking at you shawty. Anyway "Music" is why I'm here good people so grab a napkin, a cold one, some tato chips, dip, and whateva else ya need but definitley a tasty cheese saaammich and enjoy !!!

Peace and blessing! Hawkes out!!!!

Waajeed ( of PPP ) - Re-Edits, Re-Fixes, and Re-Mixes
If your up on Platinum Pied Pipers than the name Waajeed is not new to you but for those who have never heard of the group or the man you really need to check out this CD. He remixes some of your favorite tracks for John Legends "Save Room" to putting his own touch on classics like "Funkin 4 Jamaica" and "Purple Haze" don't sleep on this.

Floyd Da Locsmif pres. Outskirts - The Outkast Remixes CD2
If your a fan of Outkast than this should definitley be in your collection. Floyd Da Locsmif does a great job at making Outkast classics even more of a classic with his remixes on this CD another album you shouldn't sleep on.

J. Period and The Roots - Best of ( Hosted By Black Thought )
Of coures you know I couldn't talk about The Roots show without putting up a CD from these guys. This joint came out with the release of their Game Theory album hosted by Black Thought it features classic Roots songs with some dope remixes by J. Period and some hot freestyles from Black Thought himself.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Dieu Merci C'est Vendredi Batches!!!!

Thank God it's Friday!!! I don't know about ya'll but ya boy has had one hell of a week, and I'm glad that tonight I can let it all go with a glass of cognac .....delicious!! Well I'm not going to do much talking just want to say to the world that Love ya life, Love ya moments, and Love sweet Honey Brown Nipples mmhmm that was more for me, buy I digress if you have had a long week I mean looonngg week take the music I'm about to give you, pour yourself something good over the rocks and let it roll off your back. I'd never steer you wrong good people. God is Love and Love is God!!


Prince - Hot Thang

Kardinal Offishall - Ole Time Killin

Coultrain - Green

Dudley Perking and J. Rawls - Lovelight

Pharcyde - She Said ( Dilla Remix )

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Make The Music!!!

You probably read the title and the Biz Markie joint popped up in your head like "that". Damn it's been almost a month since I last gave the world some musical biscuits to enjoy and get chunky to. This road to fame had thrown a couple of potholes, speed bumps, U-turns, and road blocks in ya boys way, but " I'm still here, I'm still strong " haaa! I love that Antoine Fisher movie. Anyway good people of the universe my blessing go out to you and yours, keep your head to the sky and let all the bullshit pass you by. I see ya'll on the other side of the tracks.....

Zip it up - Zip it out !!!!!

Sy Smith - Conflict

D'Angelo - Alright

Grant Green - Love On A Two Way Street

Black Thought - Hardware

Original Sin - Bad Mutha

Hall & Oats - Sara Smile

Plantlife - Fool For U

Nouvea Riche - Save Me

Darondo - Sure Know How To Love Me

Cameo - Attack Me With Your Love

Thursday, March 20, 2008

What You Know About....

What you know about....
Cheese and Mayo Sandwiches

What you know about....
The Mascado and Saki mix mmmmhhmm!!!

What you know about....
Bologna Nipples

What you know about....
Brothers 3

What you know about....
That Gerald Pervert album

What you know about....
BC Buds and Backwoods

What you know about....

What you know about....
Tobacco Co. happy hour $1 drinks ,Hells yeah!!

What you know about....
A dude is 30 this year

What you know about....
Henny and Root Beer FLLLEEETTWOOOD!!!!

What you know about these albums I gonna give ya'll, Stay positive and bless good people

Hawkes Out!!!!

Ta'raach and The Lovelution- The Fevers

1. Let's Go
2. The Big Bang Theory
3. I Name (E.G.I.G.)
4. F#@k Music
5. F#@kin' Round
6. The What What
7. Catch My Breath (World)
8. The Look
9. I Said
10. Hey!
11. Merci Me Lord
12. Liberation's Lullabye
13. DL-My-BG
14. I Don't Rock Parties
15. Service16. Hold On
Fiyah!! (LinK)

Alice Russell - Under The Munka Moon

1. Hurry on Now - TM Juke, Alice Russell
2. Someday
3. Hard Times
4. Sweet Is the Air - Natureboy, Alice Russell
5. Tired Little One [Acoustic Version]
6. Peace Resides
7. Taking Hold
8. Something That's Real
9. Search the Heavens
10. Take Your Time, Change Your Mind
11. Sweet Calling
12. Somebody's Gonna Love You
13. Get Ready in the Morning (Song in the Bath)

Percy Miracle - The Ladies Champ
1. Sweet Percy
2. Dance Floor
3. Miss Eda
4. Back to the motherland
5. You can be
6. You'll never change

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Music On My Mind!!!!

Yo! What's it is good people? I can't believe it's mid-March already Basketball is getting intense with the NCAA tournament about to jump off, the NBA is tightening up getting closer to the playoffs ( GO LAKERS!) this is one of the best times of year for me . Today I'm just going to lay down some music that I have been bumping in the ride lately, is it me or does music these days seem disposable. I mean what was a hit 6 months ago you don't even hear it anymore, people are trying to make a hit but could care less about a classic ( I'll get into that in another post ). Anyway this post is dedicated to great music that's all that's it, also go check out my man Scholar over at Souled On Music for even more dope music to add to your music selection. If your still wanting more hit up The Two Team for some dope mixes of classic funk for that ass. Well that's it for me today I'm going to grab me a Splash Of Circus Peanuts and politic for the rest of the day.

Hawkes Out!!

Original Sin - Marathon Flow Spitter - This joint right here reminds of being in a cypher and dude just took over a zoned out an flowed until the cops or somebody came an broke it up. This shit right here is fiyah!!

Stevie Wonder - All I Do - This is warm weather music riding with you ol' lady windows down with a glass of something tasty on the rocks, just riding no destination just riding enjoying one another. It's gets no better that this song right here.

Black Star - Brown Skin Lady - Two of my favorite MC's come together to pay homage to the soul sista over a dope sample. I salute you brown skin lady!!!

Erykah Badu - Honey (JBlow RMX) - This is a remix a complete overhaul of what the original sounded like, shout out JBlow for this remix love the drums on this you'll wake the neighbors up bumping this shit.

Coultrain - Screw - Haven't taken this dudes CD out of the deck since I got that joint. In a era of all this radio pop bullshit is good to hear somebody really put their heart and soul into the music. If you can get this CD I'll never stear you wrong.

Wale Oyejide - Riot And Revolt - This is that revolution music right here, these drums on this song just bang out of the speakers you can't help but rock your head to the chant of Riot and Revolt.

Baby Huey - Mighty Mighty - It's a shame this man died so young his music was full of soul and definitley fueled with the funk. Signed to Curtis Mayfield's label this is the only album Baby Huey put out and this song takes you to a small club with big booty waitresses, thunderbird and the smell of soul food coming out the back room. Classic album and song.

Lou Donaldson - It's Your Thing - You should know the sample in the beginnig of the funky version a classic tune if not Punks! You Get Beat Down haa!

Janelle Monae - Violet Stars Happy Hunting! - I really digging this chic not only is she fly as hell, she is very creative her album The Audition is one that you guys need to add to the collection. Did I say she was hot already??

Casual - Later On ( Casual's low down remix ) - Casual is one of my favorite west coast mc's and this joint is just cruising down the strip with the gangsta lean hollering at BATCHES!!!

One Of My Favorite Videos - R.I.P Biggie!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Just A Rant!!!

What's the good word people?? I'm still on the trail to fame in this timeline of life, battling the day to day fight to beat the Matrix and not get pulled into the world of work and home ( that gets so boring ) I feel like a robot these days. I'm getting older and I'm seeing things very opposite of the way I saw things when I was younger and a part of me misses those thoughts, and situations there was a joy that came from all of that good and bad. I ask myself a lot is this what getting old is about being bored, I had a relative of mine tell me one time that I'm finally looking like a man in the face. Huh? is it because I now have stress in my life the wear and tear is coming through is that what being a man is about......that's some ole bullshit! Dating is another issue, now every female you meet is either a man hater or just not coming of the panties, but the one time sex crazy attached chick is always around maybe it's the one's I attract. I just want to find a woman that's goal oriented, loves life, music, art and likes to give the occasional surprise hand job in a resturant booth is that too much to ask? But as I was told as a child in order to see the rainbow you have to go through the storm but don't regret the storm, so now after I've just finished up my rant ( which I actually feel better now) I'm going to continue on finding ones self, make sure my glass of cognac is never empty ( that would hurt more than anything) and as my favorite song goes " Keep Rising To The Top!!! "


Ahmad Jamal - Misdemeanor

Grover Washington Jr. - Knucklehead

Wale Oyejide Feat. J Dilla - Theres A War Going On

Talib Kweli Feat. Strong Arm Steady - Go With Us

Steve Spacek - Eve (Jay Dee remix)

Kay of the Foundation Feat. Headkrack - No Good

Monday, February 18, 2008

And It Don't Stop....

What it is? What it was? What it gon' be? Man I haven't blessed the world with my presence in a minute been on a personal/spiritual journey and fighting a case of the flu, so I've been out of it for a minute. I return now with somewhat of a clear mind there's still some mysteries of the small kind that I intend to figure out and but that's in due time. Anyway excited this coming Wed. I'm going to see one of favorite rap groups Brand Nubian "All For One" was the first rap tape I bought with my own money when I was like 12 I still know every song word for word Grand Puba was that dude for me back in the day. I'm also excited I sold my first painting this month so I'm real hype on that so while the joint keeps burning the trip through the inner minds eye keeps moving, I'll see you guys on the flip side.

God Speed!!!

If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams. ---- Les Brown

Ol' Dirty Bastard - Cold Blooded -- This joint is why Ol' Dirty will forever be my favorite Wu member taking the Rick James classic and putting his classic dirty to it with the unknown Neptunes doing the back drop for him

Nancy Wilson - Let It Flow -- I got this off her "Music On My Mind" album her voice has always captured my attention it's so jazzy and sultry. This song is very relaxing and goes great with a glass of Cognac.

Bugz In The Attic - Consequences -- Found out about this group while working at Duke Univ. radio station, although recent their sound is some 80's funk taking it back to the block parties on 4th of July at my Aunt Edith house.

Van Halen - Hot For Teacher -- Do I really need to explain it's Van Halen ......Nuff Said!! Who didn't wish there teacher would get into a binki and walk down the middle of class on a runway.......... I did!

Mad Skillz - The Nod Factor -- Richmond Va circa 95-96, Cloverleaf Mall, 6th St. Marketplace, Sunday's at Byrd Park this song right here is all of that, Skillz put Va on the map and this song will always hold me down.

Reflection Eternal - 2000 Seasons -- The introduction to one of my favorite MC's I first heard this song around '99 even though it had already been out for awhile already and it blew me away and pushed me further into the crazy backpacker movement that I was in. I still love this track enjoy.

Mavis Staples - A Piece Of The Action -- This is from the movie of the same name starring Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier one of many good movies the two did in the 70's together. This is song they play at the end and I always loved it because it made you feel good then later I discovered the soundtrack and it's done by Mavis Staples and Curtis Mayfield and it's a great album to have in the collection.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good Vibes!!!

artwork by yours truly..
I've been talking to some friends through email this morning and everyone seems to be in some kind of stink today so I've been giving them some advice plus sending them a song to help lift there spirits cause it's just a day you can change your day around or make things go different for tomorrow. Life is what you make it today your in the dumps tomorrow your enjoying the sunshine. Good people I got love for all you guys so I'm just going to drop some music and get back to life.


Jay Dee aka Dilla - Think Twice
It really gets no better than a Dilla instrumental to grab an emotion.

Incognito - I Can See The Future
This song right here makes me just want to dance all the pain away......and I don't dance

Roy Hargrove Feat. Q-Tip, Erykah Badu - Poetry
This is just mellow and touches the soul with Ms. Badu singing so lovely

Paul Harcastle- Rainforest
Classic right here riding out on a country road letting it all go

King Britt - When The Funk Hits The Fan
As Outkast would say " Shake the load off "

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Sunday Social.....

What's happening world?? I'm back to bless the good people with some great music to vibe to before the work week steals your sunshine. I'm going to give to the people one of my many mixes that I create usually when I'm sipping some cognac or feeling the good vibe of mother nature's best medicine. Funk Soul Sensation is a mix that was done because I just got tired of listening to the radio and hearing music that I couldn't take listening to anymore. So I sat back and thought if I had my own radio show what type of music would I bring to the people, and this mix was created. There is no tracklist but I'll run down what grooves that will be heard in this mix there's some James Brown, Gil Scott, Aretha Franklin mixed up with some Mos Def, Lox back to Grover Washington, Donald Byrd with some Pharrell and Snoop very special blend of music but trust is sounds so well, I'd never stear you wrong folks. Anyway I hope you enjoy and I also wish you good people a blessed and superb week.

One Hundred Miles and Still Running!!!

Incredible Hawkes Pres. - The Funk Soul Sensation!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Social.......

It's been a minute since I've done one of these but never fear good people. Here is some good tunes to get you through the day or at least until the games start up. GO! Giants!! Haaaaa!!!

Oh yeah check out my artwork in the above pic.

Holla Black!!
Barry White - Midnight And You

Peven Everett - When Love Was Green

Horace Silver - Won't You Open Your Senses ( 4Hero RMX )

Bill Conti - Reflections

Dudley Perkins and Georgia Ann Murldow - Time

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Back To Life!!!!

Yes! Yes! So Fresh! is the word, I don't how many people read my "Limp Woodstock" post but Ms. Smell Good made her way over to the spot and I must say "who's a star, I'm a star". Just wanted to throw that out there I had to redeem myself haaaaaaa!!! Anyway I think this year if a lot of you haven't already I feel this is time to do what you enjoy and love every minute of. I talk to my friends all the time about just waking up going to work for 8 hours coming home eating dinner or a snack watching a game and going to sleep only to do the same thing over again. I felt like a complete robot in '07, now God has blessed me a few gifts that I only use when I'm pretty much bored or when I need to clear my mind. I am a pretty good artist( will post some work later ), I can sing a little bit ( Look for that Gerald the Pervert album this summer) , and I like to think I have a great ear for music. So with these gifts I have,why haven't I focused on these things to atleast master the art of each of them. Well at some point in my life I became lost in the "Matrix" of the world, a fell into the flow of that nonsense. So this year is all about the change of me and getting BACK TO LIFE and happiness.

“We must become the change we want to see.” - Ghandi

Peace Good People of the Universe!!!!

Mantronix - Got To Have Your Love

Stacy Epps - Floatin

Da Bush Babies - Da Love Song

AZ - Undeniable

Jay Electronica - So What You Sayin

Andre 3000 (Class of 3000 Sdtrk) - Banana Zoo

Monday, January 7, 2008

Higher Ground!!!

What up people? Really I just want to let you good people know I'm still around .........I'm not going any where. Been busy moving so I haven't had time to drop jewels for you all, but I will be posting some stuff shortly until then enjoy a few tunes to get you through the times...
One Love......
Stevie Wonder- Perfect Angel/Lovin You
The Are ( Dem Dam Jacksons) - Keep Trying

Quincy Jones Feat. Bill Cosby - Hikky Burr

Original Sin Feat. Freeway - Razor's Edge

Mos Def - Sun, Moon, Stars