Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer, Summer, Summer, TIME !!!!!!

Awww yes!!! There is nothing more better than going out and spotting the biggest ass connected to the prettiest face in the smallest pair of pants they could find. This let's me know the games have begun, this is not the season for finding Ms. Right it's about finding Ms. Rightnow. On the flip side I think I'm always looking for Ms. Rightnow as the Great Rick James says " Give It To Me Baby" but hey that's my nature. So I was watching this movie the other night called " I'm through with white girls " which is a good guy movie, I'm not going into any detail you'll have to check it out for yourself but it made me sit back and think about my present and past relationships and the conclusion I came up with was.......... I'm a farter! not the ones that you'll go whoops excuse me. I mean just a can of Mexican rice and beans and a glass of milk joint, I thought that after awhile we were at that comfort zone but I guess all that goes out the window once they pass out from one of my episodes. Damn I can't help it if I like greasy food and nachos with extra sour cream love me for me damnit! Haaaaa ya'll thought I was going to be all serious it's Friday and Ignorant Sh*T is in full effect. Yep! Yep! (Teddy Riley style). Enjoy your summer and most definitely the summer bunnies. I'm out til next time.

Some Summer Goodies

Caron Wheeler - I Adore You

John Legend Feat Andre 3000 - Green Light

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Jackie Treehorn said...

How could you not love the summer! Not just great weather and greater girls, but also nice people throwing out some great music ...
Thank ya, hope Logjammin' 08 fits your BBQs!