Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Remember The Times......

You remember back in the day when you used to play hide and go seek and it immediately turned into a little league humpfest. Remember when you could ride your bike to the store with like $2 you got a jungle juice, 2 packs of Now or Laters, candy bar and had money to play Double Dragon in the arcade ...Shout Out to Hop 'N. Remember playing Killer Man and it was always somebody who just picked the football up to just throw it before he got tackled. Remember how hype you used to be when G.I. Joe or Transformers was about to come. Remember how you felt when Optimus Prime died. Remember being glued to the TV when Rosi Perez used to shake her thang on Soul Train...My dad called her "The Jiggler". Remember going the dances and doing the Whop to every damn song. How about finding your dads Porn stash, the beginning of it all .....I still remember that Vanessa Williams Penthouse book. Or when your voice started to change and you be on the phone talking all smooth and low tone. Remember when you got that first stink finga and you'd be smelling that joint like all day, putting your fingers up to your boys face like guess who that is homie. Remember you finally got some and after 1 min of slam bam you felt like a champ. These might not be your memories but they are definitely mine so I encouraged everyone to just sit back and reminisce of easier times especially if your just sitting at work tired of looking at your computer screen or moving some stuff and you want to just get away. You never know you might find yourself laughing out loud. Good people I send you blessings and wish you much joy in your days.
God Bless !!!
El Michels Affair - Detroit Twice

Santana - Oye Como Va

Jackson Conti - Papaya
Grand Puba - Fat Rat

Kenna Feat Lupe Fiasco - Say Goodbye To Love (RMX)

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Anonymous said...

I remember
1st time I heard a RUN D.M.C. song on the AM station
And the ice cup lady that sold frozen kool-aid for a quarter