Monday, February 18, 2008

And It Don't Stop....

What it is? What it was? What it gon' be? Man I haven't blessed the world with my presence in a minute been on a personal/spiritual journey and fighting a case of the flu, so I've been out of it for a minute. I return now with somewhat of a clear mind there's still some mysteries of the small kind that I intend to figure out and but that's in due time. Anyway excited this coming Wed. I'm going to see one of favorite rap groups Brand Nubian "All For One" was the first rap tape I bought with my own money when I was like 12 I still know every song word for word Grand Puba was that dude for me back in the day. I'm also excited I sold my first painting this month so I'm real hype on that so while the joint keeps burning the trip through the inner minds eye keeps moving, I'll see you guys on the flip side.

God Speed!!!

If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams. ---- Les Brown

Ol' Dirty Bastard - Cold Blooded -- This joint is why Ol' Dirty will forever be my favorite Wu member taking the Rick James classic and putting his classic dirty to it with the unknown Neptunes doing the back drop for him

Nancy Wilson - Let It Flow -- I got this off her "Music On My Mind" album her voice has always captured my attention it's so jazzy and sultry. This song is very relaxing and goes great with a glass of Cognac.

Bugz In The Attic - Consequences -- Found out about this group while working at Duke Univ. radio station, although recent their sound is some 80's funk taking it back to the block parties on 4th of July at my Aunt Edith house.

Van Halen - Hot For Teacher -- Do I really need to explain it's Van Halen ......Nuff Said!! Who didn't wish there teacher would get into a binki and walk down the middle of class on a runway.......... I did!

Mad Skillz - The Nod Factor -- Richmond Va circa 95-96, Cloverleaf Mall, 6th St. Marketplace, Sunday's at Byrd Park this song right here is all of that, Skillz put Va on the map and this song will always hold me down.

Reflection Eternal - 2000 Seasons -- The introduction to one of my favorite MC's I first heard this song around '99 even though it had already been out for awhile already and it blew me away and pushed me further into the crazy backpacker movement that I was in. I still love this track enjoy.

Mavis Staples - A Piece Of The Action -- This is from the movie of the same name starring Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier one of many good movies the two did in the 70's together. This is song they play at the end and I always loved it because it made you feel good then later I discovered the soundtrack and it's done by Mavis Staples and Curtis Mayfield and it's a great album to have in the collection.