Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good Vibes!!!

artwork by yours truly..
I've been talking to some friends through email this morning and everyone seems to be in some kind of stink today so I've been giving them some advice plus sending them a song to help lift there spirits cause it's just a day you can change your day around or make things go different for tomorrow. Life is what you make it today your in the dumps tomorrow your enjoying the sunshine. Good people I got love for all you guys so I'm just going to drop some music and get back to life.


Jay Dee aka Dilla - Think Twice
It really gets no better than a Dilla instrumental to grab an emotion.

Incognito - I Can See The Future
This song right here makes me just want to dance all the pain away......and I don't dance

Roy Hargrove Feat. Q-Tip, Erykah Badu - Poetry
This is just mellow and touches the soul with Ms. Badu singing so lovely

Paul Harcastle- Rainforest
Classic right here riding out on a country road letting it all go

King Britt - When The Funk Hits The Fan
As Outkast would say " Shake the load off "

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