Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Sunday Social.....

What's happening world?? I'm back to bless the good people with some great music to vibe to before the work week steals your sunshine. I'm going to give to the people one of my many mixes that I create usually when I'm sipping some cognac or feeling the good vibe of mother nature's best medicine. Funk Soul Sensation is a mix that was done because I just got tired of listening to the radio and hearing music that I couldn't take listening to anymore. So I sat back and thought if I had my own radio show what type of music would I bring to the people, and this mix was created. There is no tracklist but I'll run down what grooves that will be heard in this mix there's some James Brown, Gil Scott, Aretha Franklin mixed up with some Mos Def, Lox back to Grover Washington, Donald Byrd with some Pharrell and Snoop very special blend of music but trust is sounds so well, I'd never stear you wrong folks. Anyway I hope you enjoy and I also wish you good people a blessed and superb week.

One Hundred Miles and Still Running!!!

Incredible Hawkes Pres. - The Funk Soul Sensation!

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