Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cotdamn That Mixtape Made My Day!!!!

What up! What up! people, ya boy is tired as hell today went to see The Roots for free last night at Duke Univ. I just want to say it was "bad ass" as usual if you haven't seen these guys live yet I suggest you do before you leave this small planet you won't be dissapointed at all. Also shout out to the little young thang that grab my penis while moving through the crowd with me standing beside my lady friend your awesome for that here's looking at you shawty. Anyway "Music" is why I'm here good people so grab a napkin, a cold one, some tato chips, dip, and whateva else ya need but definitley a tasty cheese saaammich and enjoy !!!

Peace and blessing! Hawkes out!!!!

Waajeed ( of PPP ) - Re-Edits, Re-Fixes, and Re-Mixes
If your up on Platinum Pied Pipers than the name Waajeed is not new to you but for those who have never heard of the group or the man you really need to check out this CD. He remixes some of your favorite tracks for John Legends "Save Room" to putting his own touch on classics like "Funkin 4 Jamaica" and "Purple Haze" don't sleep on this.

Floyd Da Locsmif pres. Outskirts - The Outkast Remixes CD2
If your a fan of Outkast than this should definitley be in your collection. Floyd Da Locsmif does a great job at making Outkast classics even more of a classic with his remixes on this CD another album you shouldn't sleep on.

J. Period and The Roots - Best of ( Hosted By Black Thought )
Of coures you know I couldn't talk about The Roots show without putting up a CD from these guys. This joint came out with the release of their Game Theory album hosted by Black Thought it features classic Roots songs with some dope remixes by J. Period and some hot freestyles from Black Thought himself.

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Anonymous said...

hey there,
any chance of a re-up of the Wajeed re-edit album please? I've been looking for that for a while.