Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Make The Music!!!

You probably read the title and the Biz Markie joint popped up in your head like "that". Damn it's been almost a month since I last gave the world some musical biscuits to enjoy and get chunky to. This road to fame had thrown a couple of potholes, speed bumps, U-turns, and road blocks in ya boys way, but " I'm still here, I'm still strong " haaa! I love that Antoine Fisher movie. Anyway good people of the universe my blessing go out to you and yours, keep your head to the sky and let all the bullshit pass you by. I see ya'll on the other side of the tracks.....

Zip it up - Zip it out !!!!!

Sy Smith - Conflict

D'Angelo - Alright

Grant Green - Love On A Two Way Street

Black Thought - Hardware

Original Sin - Bad Mutha

Hall & Oats - Sara Smile

Plantlife - Fool For U

Nouvea Riche - Save Me

Darondo - Sure Know How To Love Me

Cameo - Attack Me With Your Love

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Zach said...

awesome drawing man