Monday, March 3, 2008

Just A Rant!!!

What's the good word people?? I'm still on the trail to fame in this timeline of life, battling the day to day fight to beat the Matrix and not get pulled into the world of work and home ( that gets so boring ) I feel like a robot these days. I'm getting older and I'm seeing things very opposite of the way I saw things when I was younger and a part of me misses those thoughts, and situations there was a joy that came from all of that good and bad. I ask myself a lot is this what getting old is about being bored, I had a relative of mine tell me one time that I'm finally looking like a man in the face. Huh? is it because I now have stress in my life the wear and tear is coming through is that what being a man is about......that's some ole bullshit! Dating is another issue, now every female you meet is either a man hater or just not coming of the panties, but the one time sex crazy attached chick is always around maybe it's the one's I attract. I just want to find a woman that's goal oriented, loves life, music, art and likes to give the occasional surprise hand job in a resturant booth is that too much to ask? But as I was told as a child in order to see the rainbow you have to go through the storm but don't regret the storm, so now after I've just finished up my rant ( which I actually feel better now) I'm going to continue on finding ones self, make sure my glass of cognac is never empty ( that would hurt more than anything) and as my favorite song goes " Keep Rising To The Top!!! "


Ahmad Jamal - Misdemeanor

Grover Washington Jr. - Knucklehead

Wale Oyejide Feat. J Dilla - Theres A War Going On

Talib Kweli Feat. Strong Arm Steady - Go With Us

Steve Spacek - Eve (Jay Dee remix)

Kay of the Foundation Feat. Headkrack - No Good


Jackie Treehorn said...

Incredible Mr Hawkes,
thanks for the add and the warm words! It's a pleasure for us to appear on top of your blogroll and I'll have an eye on you, as always!
Stay tuned for more releases at our place as soon as Jones will return from his vacations ...



Jackie Treehorn said...

PS: You will find the great "Knucklehead" on one of the next re-releases by Jones! :)