Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Chirp, Chirp..

Today's post is something that my brother over at a A SPLASH OF CIRCUS had to talk about enjoy.

Chicken Head/Hood Rat! Names used to label the women of ghettos and section A housing that uses the government to their advantage. The first of the month brings out an assortment of these “hustla” women and let’s be honest. What would most brothas in world be without them? We think that only dudes who drug hustle and are from the same ghetto backgrounds deal with these women. Not so fast. Many of my fellow brothas have tasted the fruit punch nectar of a “Ghetto Bird”, even though some won’t admit it, but that’s living in vain. I feel it’s necessary to have this kind of relationship experience through ones life to really appreciate “The One”. It builds some incredible character for a person to deal with this type of vixen. You always have to make sure her temper will not get the best of your “other” relationships and that’s some serious work. However that’s the part of her that’s so appealing to men. Let’s kill the perception that they only exits in the “bad” areas, Chickens roam the Diddy parties, Tom Joyner Cruises, The Grammy’s, and even The White House. I’m not judging anyone, but putting the phrase in perspective. A Chicken Head/Hood Rat is a mentality not a situation. They’re looked down on, mostly by other women, because of society’s views on women who are promiscuous. We know that men who have the same social practices get the “players card”, but if you honestly go by the “values”, who’s right or wrong, good or bad. I feel the only time a women of this character are look upon negatively by men is when she tells all her business about her rendezvous. That’s the funny thing about brothas, it’s all good until the bones fall out. To all the sistas reading this there is one point I would like to make about us gentlemen. We love scandalous women. If you have a girlfriend that is a skank, she is some what appealing, and you’re always talking about the things she does when you all are out. Secretly your man is thinking, “Damn, she’s a freak. I bet she gets down on that D.” These chicks offer three things that make them so appealing and wanted. They love money, drugs/liquor, and love to GET IT!!! GET IT!!! In the past I have been afflicted with these same addictions, but lawd have mercy I’m glad those days are behind me, because my ass would be looking like Tyrone the Crack head, but I digress. So I’m speaking out to you, my lovely ladies of sexual prowess. Keep your mouth shut when it’s appropriate, fixed your dude a Cheese Sandwich, and get some of these…. CIRCUS PEANUTS!!!... I’m out!!!!
Some Cheesy Goodness !!!
Gerald Pervert - Saturday Night
Q-Tip - Getting Up
Ta'Raach - Baaaby
Hezekiah Feat. Jamal - Let's Get Involed
Maceo Parker - Soul Power 74
Young-Holt Unlimited - People Make The World Go Round
NiggyTardust - Tr(n)igger
Arthur Adams - I Can't Believe My Eyes

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