Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm A Creep !!!

Dinner for 2 ...$32.00
2 Tickets to see the newest chic flick..$ 16.50
Popcorn and 2 Drinks...$12.00.........Oh don't forget the Twizzlers (fuck!)...$3.00
A night of hot passionate monkey love for 20 min..... $63.50

All I'm saying is can I just give you that up front ladies, I just want to either see the top or the back of your head. I just meet you, I only got at you because I taking one for the team how did I end up seeing some movie with white people that I don't even know there names. " Serenity Now " while your tearing up over some guy telling this woman that she makes his life mean something more than he could ever imagine. I'm trying to figure out how limber you are so I could fold you like a pretzel and get the stink finger " stink finga, stink, stink finga ". I mean I just want to cut all of the other stuff out of the picture check it out. You want dinner and a movie I want a Blowjob and my balls fondled, so let's work something out I'm paying anyway how about I just hand you the money and we cut all the extras out. I don't really care about your week and what your girlfriend has to say about your life, let's gets down to business you can go and I'll enjoy a cheese and mayo sandwich. Haaaa!!

"When humor goes, there goes civilization"........Erma Bombeck

Flight Of The Conchords - Business Time

J Dilla - Creapin_Cheatin

Plantlife feat Jack Splash - Sun Shines Through Your Love

Johnson & Jonson - Look


Gervin Robinson Duncan said...

Stink finga, stink, st-,stink finga!!!!

Randy Watson as Bob Digitech said...


Jackie Treehorn said...

Hey Hawkes,
we are back! Thanks for your comment on Partners In Krime OST. The mix is re-upped now:
Enjoy it and keep the good thing goin'!