Friday, December 7, 2007

Ignorant Sh**!!!!!

What's happening world? This has been a crazy month so far and this is suppose to be the most wonderful time of the year ............huh! Anyway let's talk about some beautiful things a little
bit I no longer have to deal with my ex (Yes!!!). I received one hell of a Einstein from a chick I haven't seen in a while and this was her first time breaking me off ( serious hi-five to her ). Discovered a new word for camel foot ......Jigga Toe Haaaa!!! Knowledge of today : A crowded elevator always smells funny to a midget. So if you can't understand where I'm going with this just read the title of this post again, and if you still don't get it why don't you go roll off a roof you goat mouth bastard ........I'm only serious!

Black Out!!!

Oh Yeah... Almost Forgot to drop some jewels to get you through the day, this Producer named
Bionik hit me up saying he's gonna drop the hottest American Gangster remix album so he sent
me some tracks that I'll randomly drop so stay glued to the blog holla.

Jay-Z - Ignorant Shit ( Bionik Remix)

Ghostface Killah - Killa Lipstick

Stic.Man feat Crystal Johnson - Traffic Jam

Sylvia - Give Me A Little Action


S.K. said...

That Ghost song is sick!!!


LMAO Dam near the funniest shit I've read in a bit. Thanks 4 the tracks

Ran said...

Nice Pics on the tunes. Will be keeping an eye on your blog. So far so good.