Friday, December 14, 2007

Half Sail! The story of the limp woodstock ( Son of A..... )

Yes!!! It happened to me, was with a women let's call her Ms Smell Good ok. So went to visit MSG the other night to really just lounge out because I never really pursued it but I always felt that if the the opportunity presented itself I'm on one homie. Anyway we're cooling out I've fixed me a glass of situation, she cuts the lights out and we start watching a movie it gets boring so out the blue MSG says to me "want to kiss my boobies" and like any guy I know I said " you damn right I do" so we going at it making out on her couch she's like " let's do this " I'm down ready to go as soon as it's that time. WHAH! WHAUH! Oh snap! not right now, not at this moment, so I try to laugh it off but in the inside I'm like " you SOB ", start cheering myself on and what not " Get it up, Beat it up YEEEAAAH, YEAH! " nothing. I got the pat on the back and the "it's ok" look. So I got up and kicked her dog and now I'm sharing this with the world. Godspeed everyone and continue enjoying your Cheese Sandwich!!

Leaders Of The New School - Feminine Fatt

Chocolate Milk - Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Bootsy Collins - Very Yes

Cunninlynguists Feat. Phonte and Witchdoctor - Yellow Lines

Lupe Fiasco - Gold Watch

Jay - Z Feat. Nas - Success ( Bionik Remix )

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Model Minority said...

I was TOTALLY not expecting this in your blog post.

Suffice it is to say.

Pleasant, er, surprise.