Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The ManWomanBoogie

Artwork by Jason Hawkes

This art piece was inspired by the title of a Q-Tip song off his new album The Renaissance ( great album ). My interpretation of the song was that the relationships between a man and woman is like a dance. You have your good dances where you guys are smiling in each other faces looking at each other in the eyes LOVE is what they call it. Then there is the slow dances where your close and rubbing all up on each other pulling each other closer and closer PASSION. So from there you might go into a little bit of pit fight dancing, pushing, yelling, screaming, something getting thrown ANGER. Then it's back to face to face grooving smiling and laughing having a good time for the sake of love HAPPINESS..... The Man Woman Boogie, but I'm going to let Q-Tip say it best since it's his song and all.

"man/woman always doin the dance one wops, one pops
we'd be lucky if we both found a groove that we both can lock
can man be stronger if a woman is there?I would have to say yes
can women make it without men being there?she would have to be blessed
woman and man are the spiritual forces brought together to live
good thing its many of us here in the world today
find a good one to give
let's go, c'mon"

Now for some good music for you to put in you MP3 player and vibe out to....Right on to the real

Peter Hadar - Too Fresh

The Nite-Liters - Elanor Rigby

Red & Meth- Mrs. International

Curtis Mayfield - Future Song (Love A Good Woman, Love A Good Man )

Sylvia - Sho Nuff Boogie, Pt 1

Leroy Hutson - All Because Of You

Kanye West - Late

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