Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ig'nant Sh*t!!!!

You ever just stare a woman's ass and admire the firmness and imagine how soft it is, like if you touch it will it pop like a bubble...... I do. Have you ever been in the good time moment with someone and you try to keep a cool poker face but when it that time for the "jip-jap" you wind up looking and sounding like a special ed person...... I have. You ever been at work and you get that gas bubble in you lower gut and you can't hold it anymore so you try to ease it out into your seat cushion and just when you think it's cool to move, you move and it's like "Holy Cow" so you get up and walk away from you cube as fast as you can to try to avoid any and everyone...... All the time. The title of this post says it all my good folk, to take life so seriously no matter what takes place in your life sometimes you got to learn to laugh.

Right On To The Real!!!

Chrisette Michelle - Like A Dream

Curtis Mayfield- Right On For The Darkness

Little Beaver - Party Down Pt. 2

Tanya Morgan - So Damn Down

Marvin Gaye - Ego Tripping Out

Q-tip Feat. Kanye West and Consequence - We Fight, We Love

Che Grand Feat. DonWill, Theo, and Peter Hadar - Pitch Me To You

Braille - Work That Way

De La Soul - Ghetto Thang (Ghetto Xmier)

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