Thursday, March 20, 2008

What You Know About....

What you know about....
Cheese and Mayo Sandwiches

What you know about....
The Mascado and Saki mix mmmmhhmm!!!

What you know about....
Bologna Nipples

What you know about....
Brothers 3

What you know about....
That Gerald Pervert album

What you know about....
BC Buds and Backwoods

What you know about....

What you know about....
Tobacco Co. happy hour $1 drinks ,Hells yeah!!

What you know about....
A dude is 30 this year

What you know about....
Henny and Root Beer FLLLEEETTWOOOD!!!!

What you know about these albums I gonna give ya'll, Stay positive and bless good people

Hawkes Out!!!!

Ta'raach and The Lovelution- The Fevers

1. Let's Go
2. The Big Bang Theory
3. I Name (E.G.I.G.)
4. F#@k Music
5. F#@kin' Round
6. The What What
7. Catch My Breath (World)
8. The Look
9. I Said
10. Hey!
11. Merci Me Lord
12. Liberation's Lullabye
13. DL-My-BG
14. I Don't Rock Parties
15. Service16. Hold On
Fiyah!! (LinK)

Alice Russell - Under The Munka Moon

1. Hurry on Now - TM Juke, Alice Russell
2. Someday
3. Hard Times
4. Sweet Is the Air - Natureboy, Alice Russell
5. Tired Little One [Acoustic Version]
6. Peace Resides
7. Taking Hold
8. Something That's Real
9. Search the Heavens
10. Take Your Time, Change Your Mind
11. Sweet Calling
12. Somebody's Gonna Love You
13. Get Ready in the Morning (Song in the Bath)

Percy Miracle - The Ladies Champ
1. Sweet Percy
2. Dance Floor
3. Miss Eda
4. Back to the motherland
5. You can be
6. You'll never change

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Music On My Mind!!!!

Yo! What's it is good people? I can't believe it's mid-March already Basketball is getting intense with the NCAA tournament about to jump off, the NBA is tightening up getting closer to the playoffs ( GO LAKERS!) this is one of the best times of year for me . Today I'm just going to lay down some music that I have been bumping in the ride lately, is it me or does music these days seem disposable. I mean what was a hit 6 months ago you don't even hear it anymore, people are trying to make a hit but could care less about a classic ( I'll get into that in another post ). Anyway this post is dedicated to great music that's all that's it, also go check out my man Scholar over at Souled On Music for even more dope music to add to your music selection. If your still wanting more hit up The Two Team for some dope mixes of classic funk for that ass. Well that's it for me today I'm going to grab me a Splash Of Circus Peanuts and politic for the rest of the day.

Hawkes Out!!

Original Sin - Marathon Flow Spitter - This joint right here reminds of being in a cypher and dude just took over a zoned out an flowed until the cops or somebody came an broke it up. This shit right here is fiyah!!

Stevie Wonder - All I Do - This is warm weather music riding with you ol' lady windows down with a glass of something tasty on the rocks, just riding no destination just riding enjoying one another. It's gets no better that this song right here.

Black Star - Brown Skin Lady - Two of my favorite MC's come together to pay homage to the soul sista over a dope sample. I salute you brown skin lady!!!

Erykah Badu - Honey (JBlow RMX) - This is a remix a complete overhaul of what the original sounded like, shout out JBlow for this remix love the drums on this you'll wake the neighbors up bumping this shit.

Coultrain - Screw - Haven't taken this dudes CD out of the deck since I got that joint. In a era of all this radio pop bullshit is good to hear somebody really put their heart and soul into the music. If you can get this CD I'll never stear you wrong.

Wale Oyejide - Riot And Revolt - This is that revolution music right here, these drums on this song just bang out of the speakers you can't help but rock your head to the chant of Riot and Revolt.

Baby Huey - Mighty Mighty - It's a shame this man died so young his music was full of soul and definitley fueled with the funk. Signed to Curtis Mayfield's label this is the only album Baby Huey put out and this song takes you to a small club with big booty waitresses, thunderbird and the smell of soul food coming out the back room. Classic album and song.

Lou Donaldson - It's Your Thing - You should know the sample in the beginnig of the funky version a classic tune if not Punks! You Get Beat Down haa!

Janelle Monae - Violet Stars Happy Hunting! - I really digging this chic not only is she fly as hell, she is very creative her album The Audition is one that you guys need to add to the collection. Did I say she was hot already??

Casual - Later On ( Casual's low down remix ) - Casual is one of my favorite west coast mc's and this joint is just cruising down the strip with the gangsta lean hollering at BATCHES!!!

One Of My Favorite Videos - R.I.P Biggie!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Just A Rant!!!

What's the good word people?? I'm still on the trail to fame in this timeline of life, battling the day to day fight to beat the Matrix and not get pulled into the world of work and home ( that gets so boring ) I feel like a robot these days. I'm getting older and I'm seeing things very opposite of the way I saw things when I was younger and a part of me misses those thoughts, and situations there was a joy that came from all of that good and bad. I ask myself a lot is this what getting old is about being bored, I had a relative of mine tell me one time that I'm finally looking like a man in the face. Huh? is it because I now have stress in my life the wear and tear is coming through is that what being a man is about......that's some ole bullshit! Dating is another issue, now every female you meet is either a man hater or just not coming of the panties, but the one time sex crazy attached chick is always around maybe it's the one's I attract. I just want to find a woman that's goal oriented, loves life, music, art and likes to give the occasional surprise hand job in a resturant booth is that too much to ask? But as I was told as a child in order to see the rainbow you have to go through the storm but don't regret the storm, so now after I've just finished up my rant ( which I actually feel better now) I'm going to continue on finding ones self, make sure my glass of cognac is never empty ( that would hurt more than anything) and as my favorite song goes " Keep Rising To The Top!!! "


Ahmad Jamal - Misdemeanor

Grover Washington Jr. - Knucklehead

Wale Oyejide Feat. J Dilla - Theres A War Going On

Talib Kweli Feat. Strong Arm Steady - Go With Us

Steve Spacek - Eve (Jay Dee remix)

Kay of the Foundation Feat. Headkrack - No Good